Rushlight Summer Showcase  – 20 June 2017

at Royal Geographical Society, London

Rushlight Awards 2016-17;  Results announced. Entries for 2017-18 will open in June

Rushlight Show 2017

Presentations available on the website

IP SIG: When is the Right Time to File a Patent Application?  – 18 July 2017

at J A Kemp

The London Cleantech Cluster (LCC) brings together the initiatives, activities and programmes undertaken by organisations in the Greater London area developing new clean technologies and innovations, facilitating the deployment of sustainable alternatives and rolling out sustainability across the region.

LCC provides a platform to assist with the promotion of these activities, a means by which they can be effectively coordinated and a range of programmes to identify where gaps exist in the support that is needed to effect a successful cleantech sector in a leading sustainable region.

LCC activities will be driven by its members, supporters and the outcome of programmes undertaken by the community. There will be Special Interest Group meetings, specific programmes, special projects, networks and other events.