We have linked up with the Wax Chandlers Livery to develop a free mentoring arrangement for those that wish to participate.  This is not limited to Greater London at all and is very much a nationwide activity.

There is no charge for this at all.  We simply wish for the London Cleantech Cluster platform to provide a basis to bring useful expertise to where it is needed.  The Wax Chandlers Livery has a very capable pool of talent to call upon and they are willing to offer this in order to accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions.  We would like to extend their talent pool so that we can match as far as possible the needs of the mentees with the available mentors.


Are you an experienced business person who would like to offer your services, initially at least on a pro bono basis, to a cleantech company that can benefit from your expertise?  This can naturally lead on to non-executive positions in the future, as well as provide support for companies at a strategically important time in their development.  Your expertise can be market specific or function specific, it does not matter.  There is significant demand for expertise in the cleantech sector.

Company looking for a mentor

Alternatively, are you a young company that would like to receive input from an experienced executive on a pro bono basis?  You might find that your senior management team is short of financial expertise, sales and marketing knowledge, presence or experience in a particular market or you simply need to have someone around to turn to who has done it all before successfully.  This can be very much the case if you are seeking to attract funding or a partner.

If you wish to be a pro bono mentor or you wish to have the significant benefits of a mentor to help you take your business forward, then please email with your details.

Companies looking for mentors

  • A business with a patented shopping/ resource/ waste sack, based in Brighton, is looking for a mentor for the founder and MD.  It has enormous potential and needs investment and most importantly the experience and expertise of a financial, sales and marketing executive.  They are looking to recruit non-executive positions moving forward.
  • This UK based online business is building a nationwide recycling database where users will type in the item and their zip code to find where to deposit it.  CEO is looking for a mentor with web business experience to help them become investable within six months. There is also space for mentors with waste management and local councils/government expertise to get involved.
  • A Liverpool based company that assists other businesses to do trade and investment in emerging markets, primarily Indonesia and South East Asia.  The MD is looking for a mentor to assist with financial planning and perspective on attracting funding.
  • A non-profit organization based in London promoting youth placements, teacher/educator exchange schemes as well as Personal Development workshops in the renewable sector.  The executive director is looking for a mentor to help him generate greater exposure.
  • A growing solar company that has started to move from domestic to small scale commercial PV.  This London based company is looking to grow in a manageable and organic manner.  An ideal mentor for the executive director would be experienced with business development, and financially literate when it comes to renewable technologies and solutions for customers.
  • Currently in the food manufacturing, automotive, and commercial air conditioner sectors. The commercial director is looking for business expertise on sales & marketing and partnership development for commercializing cleantech to these sectors, particularly automotive. Also looking for help from someone with experience of arranging manufacturing under license agreements with their customers.
  • A university sustainability programme based in Ulster has developed an innovative low cost domestic solar water heater. A Research Fellow is in need of expertise in manufacturing, taking R&D projects to market, liscensing out technology, and making lab designs into working production prototypes. 
  • A growing solar business based in London and doing business across the South of England and up to Oxford. The Operations Director is looking for a mentor to add experience in the fields of sales, marketing, and best practices for the construction industry. 
  • A young cleantech investment company that is looking to invest in small but scalable companies/processes that can result in big changes. Based out of London the CTO with a strong technical background is looking for a mentor that has a substantial financial background. 
  • A cleantech CEO is looking for financing support as well as someone with experience in international sales. This London based company specializes ins separation technologies that harnesses the power of membranes to improve ethanol production. 
  • A South Yorkshire based start up that is focused on taking advantage of the Green Deal government initiative. CEO is looking for help with scaling and marketing support. 
  • An Oxfordshire based company that suppliers and installs renewable technologies to commerical and domesitc clients. Focus mainly on install PV, Solar Thermal, Biomass, and heat pumps. They have lots of potential clients but not a lot of sales experience and need help help with closing sales.
  • Cambridgeshire based clean-tech start-up, specialising in solar cooling and heating products that use no electricity or other fuels.  Our patented products include solar patio heaters, air-conditioning systems, and vaccine refrigerators.  Looking for development funding and a mentor to support the push into the market.
  • A new business, based in Surrey, pioneering the application of Internet of Things and wireless sensor network applications for improving the management and energy efficiency of water networks. Strong technical team and platform looking for sales & marketing expertise and guidance towards 1st round investment. 
  • A Surrey-based sustainable office furniture business, run by two successful entrepreneurs, is looking for a Non-exec Chair and mentors to assist with the development of the business and the next funding round.
  • An Oxford-based pre-start up company planning to commercialise a pilot-tested pyrolysis-based tyre treatment solution in the UK market providing a highly efficient and environmentally benign solution to end-of-life tyre disposal problem. Looking for a mentor with market experience within waste treatment / energy-from-waste space. Further co-operation may involve an advisory role and/or a non-executive position.
  • A Micro Co based in the East Midlands – Nottingham – with a high technical skill base, and focussing on the design of next generation Lighting control systems for energy saving in the commercial retrofit building marketplace. Our product is at final design stage and we have applied for 2 system level patents to protect our technology. Our company is looking to raise capital for first stage production, marketing and sales and we need assistance in developing the initial sales and marketing strategy. We have a high potential for growth as we have targeted the product towards the current 1.5 M small to medium commercial buildings with the current UK marketplace, all of which require some form of energy management to bring them up to today’s standards.
  • A pre-revenue, post-demo 2013 West Midlands start-up (with 8-year prior activities and long engineering experience) is developing environment-friendly and energy-efficient B2B products in the following areas : containerized biowaste power plants, natural gas conditioning units, solar/waste energy coolers, internal combustion engine augmentation units (lower emissions, higher efficiency), waste to energy technology integration.  They have attracted a long list of willing customers worldwide. They are looking for a mentor/partner with the expertise in start-up funding and technical marketing, with the objective to facilitate company financing and team-building.
  • A Bournemouth-based company is looking for an Entrepreneur with experience and a proven track record to take a novel and revolutionary new form of thermal expansion pumping technology, from proof of concept stage to market ready for investors. The inventor can meet the technical demands, but needs support for the entire business model, plan and execution. These pumps are applicable to facilitate heat engine cycles from low grade waste or renewable thermal energy sources, across multiple industries and scale of application including Marine, Oil and gas, CHP commercial and domestic and transport sectors.
  • A UK start-up based in West Sussex developing a novel form of compressed air energy storage.  The patented system uses gas acceleration and air compressibility effects to cause a reversible temperature drop allowing energy recovery from a low grade heat source such as a Rankine cycle condenser.  Against conventional systems using a Brayton cycle turbine exhaust, the present system will have a reduced airflow, reducing the heat of compression losses to substantially increase efficiency.  There may also be capital cost advantages due to smaller air turbine and air storage volumes.  At this stage, help or support for making commercial introductions, and also business expertise to help develop and commercialize the product would be welcome.
  • A London-Based innovative feed company is developing one the most advanced, efficient and sustainable systems to feed the world. We produce animal feed the way nature intended.  We are utilising the power of Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) – to ‘up-cycle’ organic waste into a sustainable protein feed alternative for, Aquaculture and Livestock.  We are building on six years of successful H. illucens breeding development, and are looking to develop the UK’s first ‘industrial pilot facility’.  Nature does not believe in waste, and neither do we.  I am preferably looking for 2 mentors – one with a background in Waste Engineering and a second in food/commodities. It would be very useful if at least one wishes to be somewhat hands on.
  • A leading privately-owned, multi-award winning Energy Consultancy and Sustainable Engineering Design Consultancy with offices in Reading, London and Abu Dhabi, with a proven track record of achievement growing an average of 57% pa (20% growth achieved last year), supported by various Goldman Sachs Programmes since 2013, now wishes to push forward its 3 year business growth plan by increasing its proposition offering, growing nationally and overseas, with systems to attract industry talent, enhancing its digital brand presence and by investing in key strategic senior executive management. In order for the business to transform into a large leading multi-disciplined engineering consultancy & energy efficiency implementation provider in the UK built environment, they are seeking to add to their senior management a  Mentor/Chairman who has the following expertise/criteria: industry expertise in property development, energy efficiency, building services engineering, renewable technology; has previously acquired <2 businesses; experience in raising capital, corporate structuring and having attracted corporate finance in the past; has successfully exited a business; 45+ years old; strong network in the property/energy sector; willing to promote the business brand and the company’s growth plans.
  • Product developer, working from London currently but with links to the west country, with  patent pending refill concept to combat plastic bottle and glass proliferation is seeking a mentor and/or partner with technical and financial resources to help accelerate development prototyping, and establish a clear route to market for this potentially lucrative innovation. Looking for someone who has inside knowledge of the packaging (plastic/glass container industry) and can plug me in to a potential manufacturing resource.
  • A micro-SME startup in North Yorkshire with novel technology just completing an Innovate UK Energy Catalyst program and others to follow seeks mentoring in many aspects of scaling, funding, business operations, etc.  The HFC free heat pump and heat engine system is covered by strong IP created by the MD.  The simple and novel system has applications as a heat pump  in cooling (air conditioning, refrigeration) and as an external heat engine (waste heat, mCHP).  The company is ready to move from micro to collaborations and development partnerships. The business would be B2B, with very large market potential in the UK and worldwide. Due to the efficiency and HFC free aspects, the project has very green potential.