Special Interest Groups

There is currently 1 Special Interest groups (SIG) of the London Cleantech Cluster focused on IP, led by our Diamond Member JA Kemp.  The  SIGs that we have had in the past include:

1. Intellectual Property (IP) – led by JA Kemp – click HERE for next event

2. Raising Finance – led by BDO LLP

3. Original Equipment Design & Manufacture (OEDM) – led by Tharsus Group


Further details of each of these SIGs and their meetings are set out in the drop down pages linked to this page.

We welcome new SIGs which can cover any particular aspect of the cleantech spectrum or a specific function which can help to support cleantech companies.  Function examples could include PR and communications, legal, university support, HR & staffing, while subsets of cleantech could be solar, wind, resource reuse & recycling, water efficiency, energy efficiency and distributed energy.