Exhibit at Vinci

The London Cleantech Cluster selected 8 companies to bring at the Vinci Technology Centre on the 21st March. The companies will exhibit their innovative technologies in front of Vinci’s current & prospective clients.

This tailored event helps companies to have a direct point of contact with high profile people in the building and facilities environments.

The exhibiting companies are:

– 8point3 LED

– Bachy Soletanche

– ElectraAssure Ltd

– LoftZone

– Myriad CEG

– Sefaira

– Tata Steel

– UPS Systems


Company’s profiles


8point3 LED

8point3 LED manufactures & supplies innovative, bespoke LED lighting solutions to industrial and commercial clients across a broad range of sectors.

LED lighting typically records energy savings of 50-80% for our clients against equivalent traditional lights and significantly reduces the amount of CO2 generated by their organisation. With a guaranteed economic lifetime of 50,000 hours to L70 on our high grade chipsets, the absence of routine maintenance and re-lamping costs further add to the benefits of this unique technology.

We have taken the industry forward and away from simply replacing fluorescent tubes with inefficient, poor quality, LED tubes to innovative bespoke fittings designed and manufactured in Kent using high quality CREE® & Philips Lumileds chipsets. We are committed to making the transition to energy efficient LED lighting as affordable as possible for customers. We work to minimise capital expenditure through the use of Enhanced Capital Allowances where available and produce financial modelling to calculate the time it will take for savings in energy and maintenance costs to cover initial CAPEX.

We also offer a number of financial solutions through 8point3 Finance, provided and by our partners Asset Finance Management giving us an innovative proposition for customers through which capital expenditure for the installation of our products can be met out of the electricity and maintenance savings. The finance model is constructed around anticipated savings and is usually linked to  predicted energy inflation rates over the financing period.


Bachy Soletanche

Bachy Soletanche Limited are one of the U.K.’s leading geotechnical specialists with a reputation for the delivering high quality, cost effective, sustainable, and innovative designed geotechnical foundations solutions to budget, on programme, in a safe and efficient manner.

As part of the Vinci group of companies, Bachy Soletanche is the U.K. subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy the world’s largest geotechnical contractor, and this gives them access to enviable plant, design and staff resources should the need arise.

Bachy Soletanche have a wide range of piling rigs offering large diameter rotary, continuous flight auger (CFA) and restricted access mini piling for bearing piles and bored pile retaining walls. These rigs range from 10 to 120 tonnes in weight with a multitude of power torques to enable them to offer the most cost effective solutions. We have recently been associated with the some of the U.K.’s most ambitious foundation works including Bond Street Station, the extension to The British Museum, London Cable Car, Reading Station Redevelopment, the redevelopment of London Bridge station and U.C.L. Howland Street, London.

As a multi-disciplined Geotechnical contractor, our works included a wide range of grouting techniques, restricted access mini-piling, ground anchors, environmental barriers, vibro ground improvement, high productivity CFA piling, large diameter rotary piling, and heavy duty diaphragm walls. Pile designs are carried out by in-house engineers to enable them to offer cost effective and sustainable piling solutions.

Recent successful projects with Vinci Construction have included C503 Liverpool Street Station, BBC Drama Studios in Cardiff, Tesco and Leisure Centre in Streatham, Mosaic, Livings Screens in Cambridge, King Edward VII School in Sheffield, and currently at BNP Paribas, Kings  Cross.



ElectrAssure is an electrical services company specialising in providing service to commercial facility managers, property managers and all those concerned with the safety, compliance and energy efficiency of their electrical installation. Our services include:

  • Electrical safety – including fixed wiring inspection and testing and compliance checks with online, instant certification
  • Lighting – impartial advice, design and installation for optimal performance and reduced energy costs
  • Electric Vehicle Charging – we are highly experienced and accredited charging post installers for APT, Pod Point and Schneider

‘A very good event, with lots of interest in our services from both Vinci and their customers.’ Loyd Davies, Director


LoftZone is a new British company with innovative solutions for the loft space in houses. Our UK-made products will save you money, help the environment, increase safety and provide extra storage in the increasingly crowded houses we all live in. 

Our first product, StoreFloor, solves the conflict between insulation and storage in lofts or attics. Everyone knows they should insulate their loft, but if you put in the Government recommended level of insulation (270-400mm depending on country), then you can no longer use the space for storage or access without squashing the insulation – and squashing insulation stops it from working. 

The solution to this is a raised loft floor which protects the insulation beneath it, and allows for storage and access above.


  • Provides a sturdy deck to protect the recommended level of insulation, while allowing the loft to be accessed safely and used for storage. 

  • Is adaptable, and will work in any loft – lofts are different shapes, and have varying supporting configurations, and spacing between joists can vary 

  • Is strong but lightweight – and meets floor load requirements. 

  • Is simple and fast to install – it can be done as DIY as well as by specialists. 

  • Is modular and can be installed without fully emptying the loft. 

  • Is economic.


Myriad CEG

Myriad CEG offers a selection of robust renewable technologies, including biomass boilers, solar PV and heat pumps, to provide the best solution for your renewable energy requirements. We specialise in the provision of turnkey systems in sizes from 10kW to 2MW in public sector, industrial, commercial, agricultural, country estates, large private properties and the construction led markets, both for new build and retrofit projects.

‘It was indeed a very interesting event with a great target audience and great food. We’ll be happy to attend similar events in the future again.’  Francky Leray, PV Operations Manager




Sefaira is a ground breaking provider of innovative software solutions for energy efficient design in buildings. Our cloud based software helps building owners and operators make the optimum decisions on retrofit and new build designs, and supports investment decisions, such as the design of Energy Performance Contracts.

Our flagship product, Sefaira Concept, is used by more than 120 leading architecture practices in the UK, US and Asia, and our portfolio analysis (multi-building) and deep retrofit analysis tools (single building) are used by leading property groups such as Lend Lease. These include an innovative approach to sequencing methodologies for energy conservation measures and supporting consulting services to support the delivery of significant reduction in the energy and carbon footprint of client buildings.

‘Many thanks for including Sefaira in the group of exhibiting companies at the Open Day yesterday. Both Peter and I had a really interesting tour and have made contact with the right people in Vinci to talk about energy efficiency, so found it a useful morning.’ Sarah Williamson, EMEA Commercial Director

Tata Steel

Tata Steel is Europe’s second largest steel producer. We are able to offer a wide range of products, systems and services specifically developed for the construction market, including Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products.


Colorcoat® is the internationally recognised mark of quality and metal envelope expertise exclusively available from Tata Steel. We have been developing and manufacturing the Colorcoat® range of technically leading products for nearly 50 years and they are supported by a range of services, including comprehensive guarantees and technical guidance. Tata Steel is currently developing a range of energy generation and saving solutions integrated with the envelope structure.

Colorcoat Renew SC® by Tata Steel is an active solar air heating system. It works by capturing air warmed by the sun and drawing it into the building through a micro perforated Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel collector installed as an additional skin onto a southerly facing wall, creating a cavity between the wall and the metal skin. A pre heated boundary layer of air is drawn through the micro perforations into the cavity by a ventilation fan. This can then either be distributed directly into the building as ventilation air or ducted into the main heating system to reduce energy load. The system can typically provide up to 50% of a building’s daytime space heating requirements, reducing operating costs and energy requirements. It is recognised within SBEM and therefore contributes to achieving compliance with building regulations as well as helping towards ventilated fresh air requirements for improving occupancy comfort.


UPS Systems

As the UK’s leading independent supplier of standby power products we maintain the UK’s largest selection of Generators, UPS and Fuel Cells from all of the major suppliers as well as cabling, switchgear and circuit protection.

Our unique database of over 2500 products enables us to select the best equipment to match your exact needs allowing us to find the best solution to match any given budget or requirement.

Our complete service planning and implementation offering includes:

  • Site surveys
  • Sizing and system design
  • Project management
  • Installation and commissioning

Supported by our comprehensive after-sales service including:

  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Remote monitoring via REMO
  • Health checks
  • Testing and repairs
  • Full battery replacement service
  • Equipment relocation and hire

For more information on the services which UPS systems can provide to you as well as an extensive library of information on all aspects of standby power please visit our website at  www.upssystems.co.uk