Focus Areas

The cluster has 5 focus areas:

  1. Communication & Coordination.  The Secretariat of the Cluster will be provided by Eventure Media and we will coordinate the Cluster’s activities and keep the members informed.
  2. Partnerships & Networking.  Through events and other activities, the Cluster will facilitate matchmaking between organisations and individuals.
  3. Innovation.  The Cluster will seek to provide support for start-ups to facilitate the development of clean technologies into successful business ventures by leveraging existing service providers’ capabilities, coordinating available resource and expertise and identifying and addressing blockages.  It is anticipated that various initiatives will be progressed to support entrepreneurs.
  4. International Outreach.  This will involve coordination with other cleantech clusters around the world.  We have already approached the International Cleantech Network who are very interested in what we are looking to achieve in London.  This focus area will be coordinated by Cleantech Investor with direct involvement of some of the founding members.
  5. Market Development.   In order to facilitate the adoption of cleantech solutions and to develop the marketplace for clean technologies in the region, the Cluster will seek to educate and inform organisations throughout the Greater London area about the available solutions and their environmental and financial benefits